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Overall Gameplay Time:
Days Hours Minutes Seconds
118 20 48 2

Total Additional Statistics:
Mouse Movement (in Pixels): 1007572508
Mouse Movement (in Feet): 874628.957975
Mouse Movement (in Meters): 266586.892746
Mouse Movement (in Miles): 165.649389
Mouse Movement (in Kilometres): 266.586893
Mouse Wheel Rotations: 32961
Mouse Clicks: 872503
Keyboard Keys Pressed: 2068489

The above numbers and statistics are processed from all games collected from the tracker. Because of this, there are exceptions to make while viewing this page.

Some of the games in the count were archived from xFire. Every one of these games have had their gameplay time (Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds) added to the counter. However, they lack all of the (Total Additional Statistics) variables.