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What is this?

This project was developed to create a Steam-Like interface to show my gameplay statistics. I created this after being fed up with other similar solutions, and decided to create my own.

What are your computer specs?

CPU: Intel i5-3570K (Stock Clock)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 900MHz (MSI Twin Frozr III)
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
RAM: 16GB Corsair XMS3
Case: Corsair 600T White
Internet: Verizon FIOS (85MBps Download \ 35MBps Upload)

Why is the website coded in JavaScript?

Originally, I had planned on making the site completely HTML5 and CSS3, to make it work well with everything, without any client-side scripting. However, as I quickly learned, this was going to be difficult to do, as only Firefox seemed to work with the Pure CSS version. I recognize that some people are hesitant to use JavaScript, so I reverted the old Beta version to the site to be a Non-JavaScript Alternative.

How accurate are these stats?

As accurate as possible. You must realize that nobody can be 100% accurate with this. The program that I use to collect these stats may crash from time to time while I am playing the game, or rarely, just might forget there is a game running and forget it.

Why go through the trouble, when things like xFire and Raptr already exist?

I originally was a big xFire user. However, over the years of using it, I noticed there were problems with the client taking up too much of a CPU load, and there were features that I would like to have that they didn't have. These features included:

Manualy Adding Gametime
Adding my own list of games.
Lower CPU Usage

Can I get one of these?

As much as I would love to let others make their own, in its current form it cannot be done. I did not create the program I use to track games with, I only parse the data for a website to use. Therefore it is unique to me.

There are plans being thrown around to develop another version of this site, that is specifically tied to steam...which you can look forward to in the future.

You said you didn't create the client you use?

That is correct. The client I use is called "Gameplay Time Tracker". I found this client on accident and started using it because it had all the features I wanted and got lazy and decided to use it instead. The program generates the collected data in XML files. I use a FTP program scheduler to upload those XML files to my server, and then the XML data gets processed for the website to use.

Planned Features

Steam Like Interface
Rounded Corners
14-Day Changelog
Overall Statistic Page
Complete Administration Panel
Steam Achievement Retrieval
Screenshot Gallery
Additional Information Section

Long Term Goals

These are things that I would like to get to eventually, but not happening any time soon.

Complete Code Rewrite for Multi-User Support
Creation of Native Tracking Software